Our Story

Kuk’s Korner ‘Sugrann’ through it website sugrann.com is a technology platform that brings people together over home cooked meals. Sharing a meal, sharing stories, sharing laughs with new people in someone’s house is deeply personal, authentic, and intimate… it also happens to be the original social network.

Our mission is to build communities through shared resources, facilitate deeper cultural exchange, and encourage people to cook at home to enable a healthier lifestyle.

Our Approach

We facilitate contacts between travellers, foodies and private homes in this beautiful state of Goa.

By visiting the website, travellers and other foodies will be able to connect with families who invite you to their home for a talk over a meal.

It’s a cultural exchange over a meal!

We Design

space for people who want to share their lunch table with foodies from all over the world and maybe even make a little money at the same time. It is also for travellers who want to get an experience and an insight that goes beyond the ordinary tourist experiences. We want to make it possible for people, who otherwise would probably never meet, to get together and have a good time over food.

It’s for those who really want to get to know the world and the people living in it.

We at Sugrann.com believe…

that food has a deeper meaning than just taste—it’s emotional, challenging and exciting to all senses. Food is an expression of who we are. It is our way of sharing with others.

Every time we share a meal with friends or strangers our table turns into that very special place in the world where even strangers become friends — the large gap between cultures and nations gets smaller across a 28-inch wide table.

Miss Laxmi R.S. Kunkolienkar

Founder & CEO
Kuk's Korner Sugrann