Imagine a vacation where you can avoid the high price of a hotel, and share culture and food with locals. This is exactly what Kuk’s Korner ‘Sugrann’ offers foodies travelling to Goa. It offers guests a chance to meet various locals who can expose them to the culture in a way an impersonal hotel cannot.

The food is often just an excuse for what can essentially be a really great party with a bunch of people you’ve never met.

When planning a trip, some tourists look first (or only) to major attractions —museums, monuments, buildings and other landmarks that give character to their destination.

But many travelers are hungry for more authentic travel experiences, those that allow them to “live like a local.” And the best place to start, is in a local’s kitchen with Sugrann.

sharing a meal is the best way to understand other cultures, which is why we founded Kuk’s Korner ‘Sugrann’ a website that connects tourists with locals who offer home-cooked food.

We take every care

Before the meal is confirmed, guests tell us about dietary restrictions, allergy to particular items, and follow registration procedures which includes details of our guests along with ID proofs, etc.

After the meal, foodies can share their reviews and experience to help build trust and safety for future users.

The website facilitates community building through shared resources, promotes cultural exchange and encourages people to cook at home to enable a healthy lifestyle. It is an idea born out of our own traveling experiences and our desire to connect with people. We wanted to create a platform that uses technology to make human interaction easier and safer.

We learned that authentic travel experiences are becoming increasingly important to people. Time and time again people are asking, “Where do the locals eat?” and “What are the non-touristy things to do?” “Where can I get a home cooked meal ?” It became clear that Kuk’s Korner Sugrann addresses all these issues within a trusted network. There is nothing more authentic than eating a meal in someone’s home.

We don’t want to take credit for inventing anything new, though we are the 1st of its kind in Goa. We are simply re-imagining an old paradigm, a time when friends, neighbors and communities instinctively hosted people over good food at the table… we are now using technology to facilitate global and local cultural exchange.

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